Custom patient buttons

Cliniko offers an additional integration option for applications that handle patient data. This allows users to open these applications directly from Cliniko and potentially synchronize information on a given patient as needed.

How it works for Cliniko users

Users can add these applications in a settings page under Settings > Our clinic > Integrations:


This adds a new button to the Patient Actions bar for each patient:

Patient actions with open

Clicking on one of those buttons causes the user's browser to send a GET request to the corresponding URL, with a query string of patient_id=<Cliniko ID of displayed patient>. If the user is logged into the other application, they should be taken directly to that application's information screen about the patient with that Cliniko ID. If they're not logged in, they should be redirected to a login screen before they can see the patient information.

How it works for integrators

If you want your application to integrate with Cliniko in this way, it should have an endpoint prepared to receive GET requests from browsers with the query string above. Requests made by unauthenticated users should be redirected to a login screen. Once the user is authenticated, your application should display the information it has about the patient whose Cliniko ID was included in the request. If you also integrate with Cliniko via its API, you can have your application update its information on that patient via the API at this point.

Once your patient integration endpoint is ready, please get in contact with us so we can add its URL to our list of approved applications! Once that's done you should be able to publish this URL to your users so they can add it to the config panel shown above and use the integration.

Registering a wildcard URL

If you have multiple endpoints that you wish to receive requests on, you may register a URL with a wildcard first-level subdomain.

This wildcard subdomain will match any sequence of alphanumeric characters you require. Dashes - may be included but other special characters are not allowed.

For example, register the domain:


And have your customer add: or

Or any other subdomain.

Note that the wildcard is only valid one level deep. The following will fail: