Base URL & shards

All URLs in this documentation will use the following base, where {shard} is the Cliniko shard the account resides in. You can determine which shard to use through the Cliniko API key. API keys have the shard appended to the end, e.g. MS0xLWl4SzYYYYdtR3V2HNOTAREALKEYwvNHdeW0pd-au2 is in the shard au2. If your API key was generated some time ago and has no shard on it, your shard will be au1.


Examples in this guide will typically use au1 as the shard, unless the example requires otherwise. Please ensure you use the appropriate shard for your requests.

Current regions and their shards

Region Shard
AU au1
AU au2
AU au3
AU au4
CA ca1
UK uk1
UK uk2
EU eu1

It is strongly advisable that you validate the shard component:

  • being one of these shard values, or
  • matches the regex /\w{2}\d{1,2}/i

For more about the introduction of shards, and a code example of API keys with the shard attached may be used, read the guide.